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YouTube Channel Terminated (4th May 2010)
It's a sad day, but in a funny way.
John Ankerberg reports

As you are all probably aware, John Ankerberg reported a video to YouTube for Copyright Infringement. Don't be shocked, but.... he has reported me two additional times!


John Ankerberg reported me for:

Fake Ex Muslim Exposed Part 9 (mokhan247 account)

Ergun Caner says he was born in Stockholm, Sweden ( account)


Christians who are supposed to be for-truth have actually turned out to be against it. Rather than responding to the evidence, they have resorted to the cheap tactic of eliminating the evidence. 

John Ankerberg ought to be ashamed of himself.

What I find funny is that the "Ergun Caner says he was born in Stockholm, Sweden" video was NOT EDITED! it was merely a cut out of Ergun saying "I was born in Stockholm, Sweden".

So could somebody please explain to me why it is an issue playing a clip of Ergun saying he was born in Sweden even though the very same clip along with the entire interview has been uploaded by many more YouTube users?!

here's the BIG one: LIBERTY UNIVERSITY reports

YouTube rules and regulations state that 3 reports of Copyright infringement result in account termination, this is exactly what has happened.

The very same university that claims Ergun has done nothing inappropriate has wormed its way into getting the videos removed, ALL OF THEM! 

If Ergun has done nothing wrong or inappropriate, why is there a need to remove these videos whilst allowing the many others videos using the same interview to remain? Maybe because those uploaders have not explained the lies within them?

Here is the proof:


I mentioned a while back that I as a londoner would love to see how an American Christian University deals with liars and fraudsters - I can tell you now, I am very dissappointed. Not that Liberty Unversity will care about what I think.

Why would they care about what I think when they don't even care about what God thinks of lies and deceit?

These people aren't even real Christians, they are hypocritical fools who condone lies. The University is just one big scam disguised behind facade of Christianity. At first I thought Ergun Caner had lied to his employers in order to attain a high ranking job, my opinion has now changed - they are all on this big scam together!

I would like to thank Liberty University, Ergun Caner and John Ankerberg for doing this. This now means that ALL of the videos will be uploaded absolutely everywhere, not only by me, but by over a hundred people around the world on various video websites.

It is clearly evident from what has happened that Liberty, Caner and Ankerberg got together to conjure up some sort of a "master plan" in order to put an end to the controversy.

Why did they not just come out and explain the discrepencies and clear lies? If they were indeed truthful, they should have no problems in coming out and explaining, but no.....

So much for a lying tongue being one of the six things that the Lord hates - they obviously don't agree with what the bible tells them.

Allow me to demonstrate the hypocrisy of Ergun Caner,

they write in a copy of Unveiling Islam that I have open before me:

"We've all heard of these tales wherein a Christian, motivated to share the gospel with a certain people group or culture, negates his or her witness by somehow OFFENDING the culture, heritages of practices of that group. Although the person is well-intentioned, he or she ruins the opportunity by some oversight or misstatement and must begin again BY APOLOGIZING AND REBUILDING TRUST" 

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